Trust Chaos

Obscured young male with extended arm in beckoning gesture over dark background

“Chaos is the harbinger of change, and change, though we often fear it, is what sets us on the paths we need to be. Sing the song, Mrs. Foster. Trust the magic. Trust the chaos. Trust your son.”

The Tent of Stars has been working its magic for nine hundred years, giving everyone who shelters under its protective roof a second chance, hope for the future, and a shot at real and lasting happiness. We of the Astrolabe Theater Company believe in the magic of chaos. We break all the rules, we break down perceptions, and we plant seeds in our wake.

Now we have pitched our tent at the crossroads, but the only devils are our own. Society is changing, and the world as we have known it is dying. Each one of us must decide which path forward is the one we need. The astrolabe has always been a tool of navigation, the shadow that points to the light. Unless you understand the purpose of the shadow, you will dwell in darkness. This is our purpose.

We have traveled for centuries. We have one goal. It’s modest. It’s simple.

Change the world.

That’s the point of theater, after all.

A Musical in Limbo

Directed by Miss Hazel Jade

When you give your heart, you lose nothing but gain so much more than you ever knew was possible.”

Play Me!

Come, See The Show!

This is Alex. The youngest member of the cast. He sells popcorn and hawks tickets but mostly loves to dance. He also has a secret.

This is Lincoln Foster, son of Margery & Oliver Foster, a famous broadway couple who recently separated. Disillusioned by the events in her life, his mother will not let him pursue his dreams of being an entertainer, but his new friend Alex wants to help him find his true calling.

The friendship they form will change everything.


You’ve got something you can’t hide forever, and it’s something the whole world needs. It wants you to succeed and will do everything it can to see that you do, but the universe also knows you need the chance to take a breath and get your bearings. Look at the tent Lincoln and tell me what you see.


It’s just a tent. Spots of the canvas with no paint so the sun can light them up against the dark background like stars.


Just humor me a minute. Look deeper. Don’t use your eyes. Use your heart and tell me again You know what I mean.


Oh! Now I see! It’s the universe. It just goes on forever.


Now you’re where you need to be. And do you see where you are in it?


I’m right here behind my eyes.


Interesting. Yes, you are. It’s essential to not only know where you are but who you are in that universe because that universe is us. We are all there with you. Life is all about relationships with each other. Knowing how to navigate through our universe is what the Astrolabe is for. That’s why we’re all here. We’re the tiny representation of the entire universe of ideas and possibilities. This place is the umbra recta, the shadow square of the sun. It is the shadow that falls upon us that gives us the barring to go on with. We are what points towards the light, to what is real, and what is needed. You and your mother are not here by accident. You were sent here just like the rest of us.

Development now continuing under the direction of

Miss Hazel Jade

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