Trust Chaos

History Plays The Long Game

In the summer of 1918, the war and the Spanish flu have thrown the world into chaos. One hot July day, a tent rises at the crossroads, and a young boy calls out to the town through a megaphone. “Two days of joy in The Tent of Stars!” Music and laughter ring out into the night. But while you are dazzled by the illusions and transfixed by the singing and dancing, another kind of magic is transforming the cast itself.

For we are more than it appears, and though we stand before you, we were never here. We are but shadows. The Tent of Stars has been our home for longer than most human recollection. It was named for the unpainted spots in the canvas ceiling, where sunlight can illuminate them. But nothing provides an explanation as to why they shine at night as well.

We of the Astrolabe Theater Company believe in the magic of chaos. We break rules, we break down perceptions, and we plant seeds in our wake.

We have traveled for centuries. We have one goal. It’s modest. It’s simple.

Change the world.

That’s the point of theater, after all.

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