The Characters

The Chorus

“Everyone should be free to follow their dreams and be who they want to be. You said that just a few hours ago. Well this is the only dream I have. It’s time for you to grow up and open your eyes. Everyone in this show is hiding behind some character we put on that stage, and you’re no different. Every one of us is broken. You say you want to trust somebody to tell you the truth. Well, this is it, Lincoln. No more illusions for you. I am the truth. All I want is for you to see me, to believe in me!”


LINCOLN FOSTER(The central character)

Lincoln is a 12- 14 year emotionally sensitive boy who wants the validation of theater life, where he can shine beyond his naturally introverted nature, but whose mother wants to keep him away and be a lawyer like her father. His father has abandoned him, causing trust issues, then comes back for him to make him choose between his parents, a life-changing choice between two negatives.

His story is a coming-of-age one, where he must choose not only between his parents but what and who is truly important in his life. 


Broadway star now reduced to traveling in midwest tent shows after the separation from her husband/stage partner. She is Lincoln’s Mom and refuses to acknowledge his dreams and talent because she fears the life he might have based on her life struggles. When Oliver returns to take Lincoln away, she must rediscover who she was before being dominated by her husband, and deal with the fear that will drive her son away.


This player/comedian in the Astrolabe Band and Glee Club is trying to decide between a life on the road in entertainment and settling down to start the family he realizes he is missing.


A mysterious 12-ish boy (smaller and younger than Lincoln) who lives with Peter and Heloise. He hawks tickets, sells popcorn, acts as the magician’s assistant, and dances in the show. He is kind and helpful, and when he meets Lincoln, he understands because Alex is broken too. He has been abused and abandoned because he is transgender. Disowned by his family, he has taken refuge in The Astrolabe Theater Company, who have made him family, given him somewhere safe, and a way to interact with the world.

He found his joy as a dancer. He will find his future with Lincoln and Margery. First, however, he needs to find the courage to tell Lincoln his secret. When you have been rejected so often, it’s a frightening prospect.

ROBERTA (Madam Ravin):

A black female magician who wants to be taken seriously and has struggled with the injustice of racism. She crafted her show to amaze and enchant those who have been her oppressors in hopes of changing the outcome for future generations.


The tragic medieval couple forced by society to live their lives apart, united only in death. Or so we thought. A thousand years later, they are together in a second chance, gifted by their only child Astrolabe, who sewed his prayers and love into a miraculous tent to give them and everyone else who resides within it, help, solace, and a second chance to find their dreams. Heloise is the stage mom for the cast, and Peter is the director. Both lament the son they barely knew, who gave them such a gift to share with the world.


Margery’s estranged husband, now regretting running off with a starlet and wants to win his family back. He is as close as the show gets to having a ‘villain’ but sees himself just as the survivor.


George is, well, hard to explain. He leads the chorus and portrays famous people in the show but is more than he appears.