The Characters

The Chorus

LINCOLN FOSTER(The central character)

Lincoln is 12- 14 years old but emotionally sensitive and, at this point, troubled. He wants to do theater, but his mother wants to keep him away and be a lawyer like her father. She refuses to acknowledge his dreams and talent because she fears the life he might have based on her own life struggles. His father has abandoned him but then comes back for him to make him chose between his parents.


Broadway star now reduced to traveling in midwest tent shows after the separation from her husband/stage partner. She is Lincoln’s Mom.


This player/comedian in the Royal Dragoons Band and Glee Club is trying to decide between entertainment and family.


(Revealed at the end to be the real central character, the one that the events of the play were put in motion for.) A mysterious 12 ish boy (smaller and younger than Lincoln) lives with Peter and Heloise. He hawks tickets, sells popcorn, acts as the magician’s assistant, and dances in the show. He befriends Lincoln, who, along with the audience, discovers Alex’s secret in the last few scenes and must choose to accept it.

ROBERTA (Madam Ravin):

A black female magician who wants to be taken seriously and struggles with the injustice of racism. She learns to enjoy the gifts she has and the genuine friendships she has in her theater family.


Stage mom to the entire show, she does everything from props to costumes to general wrangling of the cast. She is also secretly a 12th-century French nun, writer, scholar, and abbess. She was the mother to Astrolabe, lost to her now in time.


MC, the road manager, and director, always watching for meaning in everything. He is Peter Abelard, a medieval French scholastic philosopher, leading logician, theologian, teacher, musician, composer, and poet. He was castrated by Heloise’s father after he had a child with Heloise named Astrolabe, whom the theater is named after. He laments his only child that he barely knew.


Margery’s estranged husband, now regretting running off with a starlet and wants to win his family back. He is the shows ‘villain” but sees himself just as the survivor.