The Hole in the Show

In the tradition of vaudeville, the script has a big hole towards the latter half of act one labeled “Option.” That’s it. It doesn’t mean take it or leave it, but rather, what do you want to put here? A traveling show would often put local acts in the show, which brought their local fans and made the show unique depending on when and where you saw it.

I had a vision of this play playing a larger venue like New York, Seattle, Chicago, LA, London, etc. Why not aim big? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to put something new in the show on a nightly or weekly basis? Something only you would see that one time—a guest act. Perhaps four pianists could show up at the same time and find there’s only one piano, then perform Galop-Marche for Eight Hands by Albert Lavignac (Watch it here!)

You could be entertained by a really great street performer, a celebrity doing a reading in the tradition of Chautauqua, an animal act, a comedian, a classical musician, opera number, ballet, gymnast, ventriloquist, anything that would fit in the 1920s atmosphere of the performance. All those guest stars would be featured on a wall display in or out in front of the theater, marking their time in the show, and promising a surprise every night for ticket holders. You will never know what will turn up on your night!