Yes, I’m still here.

I’m not sure if anyone ever reads these, but here goes anyway.

This is the frustrating part of making musicals, so everyone tells me. It’s the waiting. People seem enthused and say, yes, let’s do such and such, then don’t answer emails. When you understand the world isn’t about you, and that these people all have unpredictable lives as well, you learn not to take it as a personal slight. It still doesn’t make it less frustrating though.

I’m still plugging away though, Last month I took my first trip to NYC and watched a lot of musicals to see what I thought worked and what didn’t. I learned a lot, enough that it led to a major rewrite of the script. It’s a lot tighter now, and I am pleased.

I also visited the costume collection of the TDF and shot a lot of photos of rental costumes available for the production. Here are a few.

In other advances, I reconnected with an old friend and colleague Jay Gaumer, who is not only taking on the role of wrangling an orchestral score but is a fantastic editor who is not afraid to challenge my ideas. His input has already made a big impact on some scenes.

Finally, I have started a Patreon page, to help me fund the early stages of this work. I was told by a wise producer who pulled no punches either, that no one would finance a show like this early in the game without a workable product first. Translated, that means, get on on a stage in front of an audience. Then, you have something to take to a Broadway producer. Hence the Patreon Page, and soon, a Go-fund-me as well.

Here’s the link.

I’m still making announcements on the Facebook page as well for the general public, so, as for this blog, it has served its purpose for now. I may come back to add more later, but the insider stuff is going to have to be with my subscribers, with whom I can spend more time, answer questions, and ask them mine as well, leaving the more general stuff for Facebook.

If you miss the blog, let me know and I’ll try and pop back in now and then. Come see me at the other sites or drop me an email. Time to get on with the show.

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