Hi There!

I haven’t posted to the blog in a while, as I decided to go back and rewrite my two novellas into one full-length novel. I’m having my volunteers proofreading it now and have turned back to the musical because it’s the right time after the anti-trans legislation pushes around the country.

This is where things get serious. A week from now, I’m going to talk with a world-class illusionist to see if he is willing to work with me on Madam Ravin’s stage act. I’m having a zoom meeting with a regional theater about a development deal, I cashed in my 15-minute meeting with Ken Davenport to discuss where I need to go next, and I’m taking a trip to NYC at the end of April for face to face with a top name producer! I’m assembling props, writing budgets, making a pitch deck, and still making alterations to the script. I’m up to version 13 now. There will undoubtedly be more.

So even though it looks like I have abandoned my post here, rest assured this project is quite active; it’s just under the surface for now.

So here is a sneak peek at the new opening, where Heloise and Peter dance to the sunrise like they do every day, while Peter sings a love song to the accompaniment of the Edison cylinder player. There is a lot of dialogue that goes in here, but this is the musical part just for you.

Until later… John

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