The First Reading

Real Thespians! On July 27th, I presented the first reading of the musical with all the songs! They were wonderful, and I found myself quite sad when it was over. Like any cast, when the show is over, they all go on to other projects, and I go back to rewrites and plan out the next reading, edit the videos, and start showing clips to producers.

The process is quite interesting, and having heard real voices and distinct personalities read the lines and sing the song led me to begin incorporating their personality traits into the characters. They begin to sound and act like real people, not just splinters of my own mind.

Act two was way too long, so I have cut it down by 20 minutes, and for now, eliminated George as a character. He is interesting and has a great backstory, but his input does little towards the boy’s story arc, and his powerful emotion actually pulls the focus from the main protagonists.

This leads a bit of breathing room to push Lincoln’s story to a more fragile place, so his decision to support Alex or not becomes a real choice, with a real element of fear for Alex. It makes Lincoln less of a prop.

I’m sure there will be more rewrites to come, and I welcome them. This story needs to be tight and dramatic as well as humorous. That is where a director comes in, and that is where I need to look next!

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