And so it begins:

After a stressful stint as a casting director (I hate telling people no), I have my cast! (Well, one more still to lockdown). I brought them all together to meet last night, and everyone seems excited to see this move forward. I want to do this for them now as much as for myself, and they are all very motivational for me. I have to say that after years of solo projects, having these talented souls excited for this to happen has done me great good. My biggest regret is that they are scattered so distantly that I may never get to meet some of them in person.

The next step is getting the songs polished and getting their vocals on them. I have all of June for that, but more exciting news for June. I and four others will join Ryan Scott Oliver in a writer’s collective, which will help me with two scenes from the musical. Ryan is a 2011 Lucille Lortel Award Nominee and the recipient of both the 2009 Jonathan Larson Grant and the 2008 Richard Rodgers Award for Musical Theater. He has just recently scored the music and lyrics for the upcoming medical version of Hugo. Having him direct scenes for me pushes things forward even better and faster.

Then, in late July, my cast and I will present the musical live to a select private audience of fellow theatermakers and producers, followed by a backstage interactive session between the cast, myself, and the audience. After that, I will send out questionnaires for feedback, then begin editing down the footage, some of which I will share on this site, so I can start submitting it to producers to raise the development funding to hire a director, choreographer, have it properly scored, and mount a live showcase version. There are a lot of steps for this dance! Thank you for sticking with me.

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