So much going on!

Remember when I said I needed more people involved? It wasn’t that long ago, was it. Well, in the last weeks, I found someone I really like but have never met, who is half a world away who is willing to help me with the arranging/scoring/ orchestrating! I will fill you in more later when it’s official, but this is a major step for me.

I completed the first two levels of the Theatermakers Workshop, where I was challenged to hold a reading. Challenge accepted. This is the first developmental reading for the musical, and since it is that, it will include all the music! I have tunes for everything and am franticly getting demo backups done for the singers, no small task as I’m lousy at actually writing music down in a form that anyone but me understands. It will be done as a virtual online production that no one will see but the fellow theatermakers, but I should be able to post clips right here on the website.

This also means having actors, so I sent out a casting call on Backstage, and I am filling all nine parts. I have confirmed the two boys, with others following soon, so I made a new page all about them, and we’ll follow their story too.

The part of Alex was difficult for me. I had a transgender boy audition that was energetic and cute and had a good delivery, but no real experience singing in a musical. He was courageous to attempt everything I asked of him, but ultimately I had to go with what I knew was best for the play, even though it broke my heart to say no to him. I don’t know how casting directors do it with kids. I’m still in touch with his mother, and I really hope he keeps going and gets the experience he needs to keep at it. I could see so much potential.

Having said that, I am thrilled at who I did pick. The fact he has 21 thousand Instagram followers as opposed to the 10 that I have speaks volumes. Seeing a picture of him at a workshop with Alex Brightman (Beetlejuice & School of Rock) also says a lot. When he requested an audition, it was game over for everyone else.

Lincoln’s character never even got to a casting list. I saw a kid while scrolling through the backstage lists, and something said stop when I saw him. I made him go through all the audition stuff, and despite a few hiccups, I saw Lincoln in him and offered him the part today. He may not be as famous as my Alex, but he still has a hundred times more followers than me. He radiates energy, and no one will be able to resist that smile. Oh yes, all those backflips.

Next Wednesday, I have my first Producer Pitch, this one to Suzanne Gilad, the Tony Award-winning producer of  Moulin Rouge!; Jagged Little Pill; Company; Angels in America; Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812; Disaster! The Musical; Significant Other; and M. Butterfly.  Shure, why not. Then I get to be a fly on the wall for a 7-hour inner circle meeting with On May 15th, with industry leaders and theater-makers from around the country, including Max Grossman (Literary Agent), Jamil Jude (Artistic Director, True Colors Theatre), plus whoever else they surprise us with.

Well, you get the picture. Busy times and a rush forward that I was not anticipating. What can I say but, Watch This Space…

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  1. B-a fan from way back says:

    Love reading about your progress. Many kudos so far, and best wishes for the next steps!

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