The Script is Done!

I finally finished the last bit of lyric and added dialogue today. As a completed first draft, it gave me something to submit, so I am happy to say I’m now a Dramatists Guild member. This gives me some legal backing and data for contracts and such. I’m also starting the LLC for the company, as well as other legalities. That’s the boring stuff.

It’s much more fun to say that I have some inquiries from several people already about the show. This has all come from being a member of the Theatermakers Studio. One member is a Director | Musical Director | Theatre Educator | Pianist | Coach in California, who wants to do a version of Theater Kid, to be an anthem for, well, Theater Kids. I said, you bet, and that might get some positive legs for future presentations and get one promo version of the song for my pre-cast album to present to producers and directors. She and another member are also recommending a major theater in Beverly Hills to which I can present my idea. This is very exciting news, as it would give me enough clout to get professionals on board to collaborate with and give this story life. In the meantime, I’m on to concentrating on demos of all the songs. Wish me luck on that count. A big plus is that I won a $500 music scoring software program in Theatermakers birthday giveaway! This could save me.

Soon after that comes finding volunteers to do a virtual table read to hear what it sounds like and see how things work with real voices. Watch this space!

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