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I have been writing a lot this week, with four more song lyrics (one to go still) and new scenes to make act one longer. Monday will be my first monthly group coaching call with Theatermakers and a chance to ask one question about what I’m working on. I also won a birthday raffle with them and am receiving a copy of Finale music notation software, which would set me back $500.00 if I bought it myself. That’s a big win. I might actually be able to get lead sheets done, if not whole scores. I’m still going to need an arranger/orchestrator somewhere soon, but this will get me started. This is, of course, only the first draft, and there will be rewrites to come; when I find out what sounded hilarious on the page falls flat in real life.

Speaking of rewrites, I have to step back to my new novel “Edward,” for its final edit and get it off for publication at the end of the month. It is a strange feeling stepping back into that world after dwelling so deeply in this one. It’s like visiting somewhere you used to live, familiar yet somehow unconnected. I feel so attached to those characters, and it feels a bit sad that their story has ended, tied up so neatly in their cycle. I know I feel like that with every project once it has been finished, but still…

Truman Capote famously said, “Finishing a book is just like you took a child out in the back yard and shot it.” Aside from the horrific visual, the feeling of loss is real, knowing these creations of yours have lived their life with you to end their evolution on the page, and you must abandon them to their fate in the world. But just maybe, they can come back someday in another medium.

Will I feel the same when this play is done? Undoubtedly. The lives of my characters are real to me, and turning them loose will always hurt. This time, however, I’m sending them off to be with others. Theater people, who I dearly hope will embrace them and take them in, embody them and give them life to the world. Big time aside, the thought that years from now, some community or highschool might mount a production of this feels right. As for Broadway, well, of course. West End? Who wouldn’t? But for me, it’s not fortune and fame, but the story itself that I’m passionate about. These are all my children, and I will not be Mr. Capote. I love them all and will follow them to the end of my days.

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