Another Step Forward

Last night I put my money (That I really don’t have but will find from somewhere) into what it’s going to take to move this along. I went full bast into Ken Davenport’s (Two time Tony winner) Theatermakers Studio, meaning in the coming year, I will get to be part of a Mastermind group, a monthly producer pitch, including one with Ken himself, a virtual reading series development program, access to their New York theater conference in November, ¬†and access to a lot of resources that I could never get otherwise. This is also a way to connect with collaborators as well. After only a day of going through the online courses, I’m finding ways to tighten up the book and make it more cohesive. Lots of work still to do, but all doable. I’ve got 40 plus hours more of courses, plus masterclasses as well, so I do have to stop writing to watch those in there somewhere, but the path is much clearer now.

Speaking of paths, I did take a walk in the woods today to clear my head and listened as the voice that’s in there, (It’s not dangerous, I swear. It’s kept me going since I was an infant.) told me to watch the flock of vultures out over the valley. I had no idea why, but then it hit me. Not one of them was flapping a wing. For half an hour, I watched them glide on the thermals, shooting up and spiraling down with no unnecessary exertion. “That’s how your story needs to work,” said the voice. “If you’re wildly flapping your wings to get it to fly, then you’re doing it wrong. ” This is why I always listen.

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