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This is where it starts. In my life, I have produced 16 CDs and written three novels. I grew up loving musicals but never tried creating one of my own. This is my attempt to change that. The biggest difference between this and my past projects is that there is no such thing as a solo musician. It takes a lot of skills from a lot of disciplines to pull one off, and I, as a hermit, have to poke my head out and trust others with “my baby.” I must at some point find the village to raise my child. That is what this website is all about.

I wanted to make this project in front of the world and chronicle a start to finish project, and hopefully create a musical while letting everyone in on it as it happens. Maybe then someday you can sit in an audience and say, I watched this from the start!

Eventually, there will be videos of actors reading parts and singing songs, and backstage interviews of all the people involved, auditions, rehearsals, and online chats.

A cast album will have to be made real people singing to professionally arranged and orchestrated tunes by whomever I can partner with do really bring these songs to life.

Part of the process is workshopping the play, which means putting on versions without sets or costumes and almost no props in front of live audiences who then give feedback on what they liked and didn’t. This information is used to do another rewrite to tighten things up, replace bits and songs that don’t work, etc. I want to live stream them, so you have a chance to comment as well.

It’s a process that can take several years. Eventually, all that can be assembled into a presentation can be presented to potential directors, choreographers, and producers (The ones who put up the money to get it on a professional stage). It takes millions of dollars to mount a broadway-style production and can involve 100s of people by that point. I will take this as far as possible and hope you can join me on the adventure. Let’s put on a play!

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